How does the italki teacher marketplace work? connects teachers and students online

italki is a language learning marketplace that connects language students with online language teachers.  For example, if you want to learn Spanish, you could find a teacher from Spain or Mexico and take personal online lessons from him/her.  Apps are great, but we think there is nothing better than a human teacher.  We use technology to help you find the right teacher, and to make online lessons convenient and affordable.


With over 1M+ students from all over the world, thousands of language teachers teaching over 100 different languages, italki is the largest language learning marketplace in the world.  Interested students will see your Teacher Profile page and if they are interested in your teaching services, they can request a teaching session.

You wil be informed of the teaching request when you log in to italki (we’ll also notify you via e-mail). You can view the session and then confirm the details, modify them, including price, time, etc, or reject the session.  All times are adjusted for your local time zone based on the information you gave us upon sign-up.

italki is free for teachers to sign up and create a profile. Italki charges an 15% commission per lesson taught. This fee is charged for use of italki’s platform and services, and also due to the marketing cost of acquiring new students to the platform. You are only charged when you tutor a session, so you will only be charged when you’re making money teaching on italki.

Eventually you will build up a strong history of teaching on italki.  This history will include your ratings and feedback from former students as well as the number of sessions you’ve taught.  The better a teacher you are, the more likely you will be to attract new students and the higher price you’ll be able to charge for your services. We strongly encourage you to update your profile with any information that will make a student more likely to select you, including your education, credentials, certifications, etc.