Why teach on italki?

Teaching a language online has never been more widespread and accepted than now.   Thanks to Skype and other video conferencing tools, you can have face-to-face lessons with native speakers of any language without leaving the comfort of your couch.   Many language teachers are skeptical of teaching online but after their first experience, they realize that it can be just as effective and rewarding as teaching in the offline world.

Old Way of Learning

New Way of Learning



Are you interested in teaching a language online?

Maybe you are interested in making some extra money, or you just want the flexibility of being able to work from home or on your own schedule. Whatever your reason is, italki will help you to find language students from all over the world.

italki is the best place for a student to find an online language teacher. With over 1M+ students from all over the world, thousands of language teachers teaching over 100 different languages, italki is the largest language learning marketplace in the world.

Key benefits of being a teacher on italki:

Earn extra money

Earn money simply by teaching your native language.  As an italki teacher, you set you own prices!

Find new students

Instantly reach thousands of thousands of students all over the world when you sign up as an italki teacher. italki has over 1.2 million students (and growing!) who want to learn a new language c

Teach when it’s convenient for you

Set your own teaching schedule so you can teach as much or as little as you want.  Potential students will only register for times that you are available to teach.

Teach where it’s convenient for you

All you need is a computer (or tablet or phone) and a headset and you can teach from anywhere with an internet connection.  Most of our italki teachers teach from the convenience of their own home.

Build the brand of YOU

Building a personal teaching reputation online helps demonstrate a work history of reliability, quality and student satisfaction to new students, peers, and future employers.

Handle international payments

italki handles all the financial paperwork, collections, and payments so you don’t have to. No more dealing with students who can’t pay online or have payment problems.

Manage your online students

italki helps you manage all your student records and history.

Still not sure if teaching online is right for you?  Read some of the personal stories of our teachers who are now teaching on italki.

Apply to be a teacher

Be prepared to know if you will be applying as a Professional Teacher or Community Tutor.

If you have a passion for teaching languages, and are interested in becoming an online teacher at italki, apply here.