Teaching on italki : How it works?


Teach a Foreign Language Online

italki is an online language learning service where language students from all over the world can find online language teachers and book live language lessons with them.  Whether you teach a language for a living or for fun, teachers can apply as a teacher on italki and if approved, can create a Teacher Profile and immediately tap into millions of potential language students.

Teachers teach online using Skype or other free VOIP software programs.  italki makes it easy for teachers by handling all the complicated and tedious work needed to get started teaching a language online.  With italki, it’s never been more convenient to teach a foreign language!

Online Language Teacher Marketplace


Teacher Listings Page

As a new online teacher, after your application is approved and you’ve created your teacher profile page, set your online schedule, and created your language courses, you will be listed in the italki teacher listings.   Potential students from all over the world can view your profile and determine if they would like to book you for an online lesson.

As italki is a teacher marketplace, these potential students will be comparing you against other teachers so it’s important to have a strong Teacher Profile that sets you apart from the rest of the teachers.  Students will choose a teacher based on a variety of criteria including:

– Price
– Profile Picture
– Experience
– Video Introduction
– Courses Offered
– Feedback

In summary, it’s important to have a strong and attractive Teacher Profile as it’s your primary marketing and sales tool to attract potential students.   Potential Students will “window shop” for teachers so make sure your Profile Page stands out from others.

The Process of an italki Online Lesson

1. The italki student will contact a teacher by filling out the teacher contact form on the Teacher’s Profile Page.


2. The teacher will receive this message in their message inbox.  The teacher responds to the student’s teaching request.  The teacher and student communicate with each other via the italki message system to determine the students learning needs.

3. Student purchases ITC (italki credits) from italki.   Note: Students may have already purchased ITC (italki credits) from italki in the past.

What are italki Credits (ITCs)?
italki credits (ITC) are a virtual currency that is used to pay for teachers and tests on italki. ITC are pegged to the USD so 10 italki Credits (ITC) = 1 US Dollar (USD). Students purchase italki credits with their credit card (Visa, Mastercard), Paypal, Alipay, and other forms of payment.
When you teach people on italki, you will earn italki Credits (ITC). You can withdraw your italki Credits into cash or use your italki Credits to take lessons with other teachers on italki.

4. Student makes a session request to the teacher.  A session request includes booking an available time slot and type of course or service.

Session Scheduler
Student books an available time slot on the Session Scheduler.  Our Session Scheduler automatically adjusts for time zone differences for the student and teacher.


italki Session Scheduler – Automatically adjusts for time zone differences


Student selects the Course or Service


Students conveniently select the course they would like to book


Student books the session and the ITC is held by italki


Students books the session using ITC.  The ITC is held by italki. After the completed lesson, the italki releases the ITC to the teacher

The entire process is conveniently handled on the italki website.

5. Teacher accepts the session request.   Teachers have 48 hours to accept or decline a session request from a student or else the request expires.  Teachers can change the price, time, or other details on the session request page before confirming the session. The student will need to accept teacher changes before the session is ready. When both the teacher and student have confirmed all details, more changes cannot be made and the teacher is obligated to teach the session as agreed.  In special circumstances, the teacher can contact the student or contact italki to assist with rescheduling.  (Note: the teacher can also decline the session request as well)


Teacher has the option to accept, decline or modify a session request from potential students


6. Student and Teacher have the session (on Skype or other agreed upon Video Conferencing program).  italki will provide both the Student and Teacher with each other’s Skype or other agreed upon Video Conferencing program’s usernames.

If you are a Professional Teacher, you should should prepare the online teaching session for the student before the session begins.   You should also send session materials to the student before your session.

The Teacher should also initiate the session at the appointed time.


italki sessions are taught using SKYPE or other VOIP software


7. The student confirms the session was completed and satisfactory after the online session his finished. The student can also report a problem with a session to italki.  In these situations, sometimes the student and teacher can come to a mutual agreement and handle the problem automatically (for example, reschedule).  If students and teachers are unable to come to an agreement for a problem, the session goes into dispute resolution.  italki becomes the 3rd party arbitrator in dispute resolution.


Session confirmation page (Student View)


8. italki escrow account releases ITC to the teacher (minus 15% italki fees).  The teacher is able to withdraw their earnings once a month provided they submit an application to withdraw funds from their ITC teacher account the previous month.

9. Student leaves feedback for Teacher

10. Teacher leaves feedback for Student