italki Teaching Tips: How can you take a break when you have back to back 1-hour sessions?

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How can you take a break when you have back to back 1-hour sessions?

watchHi everyone! So most lessons are 60 minutes… I’m just wondering how you manage it if you have e.g. a lesson from 9-10 and then the next from 10-11. can you really finish the first lesson at exactly 10 ‘o clock, to be on time for the next lesson? i don’t want to annoy students by asking them to start a little earlier or even later.. And what about a short break..if you have 3 lessons in a row, I think it would be necessary for me…so how do you handle it, esp. with the 60 minute lessons? thanks!

I only had a back to back scheduling a few times. What you do is leave the last 5 minutes or 10 minutes (depending on your lesson) for questions or feedback (or leave it for review so you know you are not covering new materials and can wrap up quickly). All the students that I have so far are very friendly. So if I start the session 1 or 2 minutes late, they don’t mind ūüôā

If you want a short break, the best to do is to prevent a back to back scheduling from happening. So, if you have one session booked from 9 to 10. Then another student requests 10 to 11. What you do is don’t approve the student’s 10 to 11, ask him/her if it is ok to have it set from 10:15 to 11:15 instead of 10 to 11.

I hope this helps. Good luck! :
Amy Lin

I personally am just honest with my students if this happens. We are all human on this planet and are not machines. If a person needs to take a short bathroom break before the next class, this is what they need to do.

It depends on the teacher herself, 3 hours in a row for me is exhausting but I do it. You might want to give yourself a 30 minutes break after each 2 lessons. Or even one lesson if you still didn’t prepare for the lesson. You can manage that from the sceduale easily. But it is extremly important to be on time and to leave on time at least for me. Being on gime and giving an exact 60 minutes gives a sense of commitment and responsability. So, give yourself a break so you do your best in class but don’t take it out of the student’s time with you. My opinion after all. Hope that helps.
Mona Azam

If I have two consecutive classes, I usually send a message to the latter student saying, “See you in an hour. (wave)”. That way, I don’t need to rush myself in sending a message a minute or two before our class. Moreover, I try to wrap up the lesson 5 minutes before the lesson time ends (e.g. 9:55 for 9:00-10:00 class). Students are usually understanding if you don’t end at the exact second/minute. I make it a habit to apologize to the next student even if I am just a minute late, of course.

When I first started teaching on italki, I was really eager to gain new students and to teach as many lessons as possible. So, I allowed 4, sometimes 5 lessons in a row on my schedule. It was exhausting to say the least.
After a while, I changed my italki teacher schedule to only allow 2-3 lessons in a row so that I could have breaks during the evening.
In addition, when a student requested a lesson and I had another student right before them, I would message them in that convenient little box italki provides us and tell them that I had another student right before them and, for that reason, I might be a few minutes late to their lesson. The student then had plenty of time to decide if they wanted to move their session to a later time or to accept that I we would start the session 3-5 minutes late. I\’m glad to say that all of my students have been fine with me being a few minutes late.


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