italki Teaching Tips: How do I get a student to book another session with me?

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How do I get a student to book another session with me?

mouseclickBe the best teacher you can be! Make your sessions and fun and interesting for the student so that they want to book another session. I personally don’t mention additional bookings at the end of the trial, that is just not my style. I have heard from students about teachers doing offering them a package or giving them a plan, but I personally leave the ball in their court. If they like me and my style, they know where to find me.

I can usually tell during a trial session if a student is going to book again or not. I can judge their interest level when I am showing them what my sessions are usually like. If you can tell that someone doesn’t seem interested, ask them exactly what they are looking for. Not everyone is cut out for online sessions… don’t feel bad or take it personal if someone doesn’t book with you again.

The best way to get a student to want to book another lesson is to close the lesson properly. I always give the student an overview (recap) of how they performed. Then I give them suggestions on what to practice before the next lesson. This doesn’t necessarily have to be lengthy assignments, but just some simple things they can do to prepare. For example, I may ask a student if he or she can listen to a documentary or news report in English and write down any unknown vocabulary so that we can review it during the next lesson. Then I ask the student if they have any questions or comments for me. This opens the door to what they are thinking. If they mention that they really enjoyed the role play, I let them know that we will do several more the next time we meet. I believe if you close a lesson the right way, it is very likely they will book again.

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