italki Teaching Tips

Our italki Teaching Tips are real teaching tips from real italki teachers who have first hand experience teaching different students from all over the world.  We share these tips to help you become a better teacher.

Are you a new italki teacher? Or do you just want to be a better italki teacher? Below are a collection of some Frequently Asked Questions that we get from teachers. We’ve asked some of our more experienced teachers to help answer some of these questions.


Getting Started


Besides waiting for session requests, what can I do to find new students?

How do I create a course that fits my students needs? 

Should I prepare before a lesson? and if so what?

It’s the first lesson, now what do I do?

How can you take a break when you have back to back 1-hour sessions?


Teaching Advice

How do I keep my students motivated?

How do I teach kids with italki?

How should I structure a lesson over SKYPE?

What should I do if I know my student is frustrated?

What is the best way to correct my student during a lesson?

Taking Notes: Whose job is it?

10 Teaching aids/resources/websites I can use while doing a Skype lesson


After Your Lesson

How do I get a student to book another session with me?

Homework, what’s the deal? Should I assign it? What should I assign?


What else would you like to know?

Tap into italki’s global teacher community and submit a question that you’d like more help with. Many of our teachers have taught 1000’s of online lessons and have great teaching tips.

Submit any questions that you’d like us to share with our teacher network.