Creating Your Teacher Profile Page

Showing Off Your Expertise

profile_professionalYour teacher profile is your special page to show off why potential students should choose you as a teacher or tutor.  As italki has thousands of language teachers available, you need to make sure that your teaching profile stands out and lets potential students know why they should choose you!

Your Teacher Profile is the only thing students look at.
Make sure it stands out and shows off why they should choose you!

professionalteachericonProfessional Teachers Profile Pages
If you are a Professional Teacher, your profile page should show off your personalityexperience and expertise in language teaching.  Students will pay particular attention to your:

  • Education background
  • Work experience

communitytutoriconCommunity Tutor Profile Pages
If you are a Community Tutor, your profile page should show off your personality and passion in language teaching. Students will pay particular attention to background and interests.

Profile Picture

All italki teachers and tutors are required to submit a Profile Picture.  Your profile picture gives students their first impression of you, so make it good!

Please see this page for more examples, detailed instructions, and current standards:
Profile Picture Guidelines – FAQ: How do I choose a good profile picture?

Good examples:

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g4 2T009160333 1T011689999 g2 T013553042


About Me, Written Introduction, and Teaching Specialties

The About Me section is where you can really show off who you are and how you can help potential students learn a new language.  Each teacher or tutor writes their About Me section differently.  You should write your About Me so that it clearly conveys “who you are” and any of the items below:

  • Teaching philosophy and methodology
  • Professionalism or Experience Teaching
  • Additional Personal Information which might be relevant for potential students to choose you

You should take some time to create your Profile Page.  Be bold, play, have fun, sit with it a few days and tweak it. But don’t make it too ‘corporate’ or you’ll sound like everyone else.  ‘Sameness’ doesn’t attract opportunities and build teaching careers!

Also note that the first 200 words of your About Me can be seen when users do a search for language teachers and language partners so pay particular attention on how you start your About Me off.

Your Quick Introduction will be displayed when you are shown in a search, so make sure you write about yourself and your classes in a way that stands out from the others.

Teaching Specialties “Tags” are a quick way for you to to show your students what you can do.  Students can search for you by teaching specialties, so please only choose specialties that (1) You are qualified to teach, and (2) You WANT to teach.  If you don’t want to teach beginners, but prefer to focus on intermediate and advanced students, then don’t choose the “Beginners” tag!

More information: FAQ: How do I manage my Teaching Specialties (What are Teacher Tags?)

Video Introduction 

We also require teachers to have video introduction. A video introduction is a great way of showing off your teaching style to potential students and letting potential students know who you really are. Teachers with videos get significantly more session requests from students.

To upload an introduction teaching video to your teacher profile, that video must be first made and uploaded to a video sharing site. Most teachers use:

  • Youtube (not accessible from China),
  • Vimeo (accessible everywhere),
  • Youku (accessible in China).

FAQ: How do I make a Teaching Video Introduction? (With Examples)

FAQ: Guidelines for Shooting a Great Video Introduction

Please note that you must use all languages that you speak fluently (native or C2 level) in your video introduction.

Work Experience, Educational Background and Certification

experience_certificationFor Professional Teachers, we require you to add your Work Experience, Educational Background and Certification to show that you:

  • Teach as a job at a school or language institute
  • Have a university degree in education
  • Have a teaching certificate (i.e. TESOL)

Click here for examples of acceptable Certification and Degrees

Please note that when you upload your certification documents to your Teacher Profile Page, the documents are not are visible but marked as “Certificate Uploaded”.   italki keeps the uploaded documents to verify your language certification.

The more teaching experience, educational background and language certification, the more professional your profile will be! Students will look at your education and experience to get an idea of what to expect.

Since Community Tutors are not expected to have professional training or experience, but students might still really appreciate knowing the other skills and experience you can bring to your teaching. For example, if you have an IT background and list your work experience working in IT, this may be interesting for a potential student who also has an IT background.