How to make your Introduction Video?

A video introduction of yourself is a great way of showing off your teaching style to potential students. Teachers with videos get significantly more session requests from students, and it’s a great way for students to get a “preview” of what it will be like to work with you. To upload an introduction teaching video to your teacher profile, that video must be first made and uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo (or another public video-sharing site). For help on uploading a Youtube or Vimeo personal introduction video to your profile click here.

Creating a good introduction video takes time and effort but it is entirely worth it!  First, create a script of what you want to say and practice rehearsing your video introduction before recording your video.  Introduction videos that are prepared with a script and rehearsed are much more professional and will attract more students than unscripted and unrehearsed introductions. Take some time to create an entertaining and memorable video to let potential students know why they should choose you!

Introduction Video Requirements

In the video, you must:

  • Appear in the video. Students want to know who their teacher is and hear the language they are about to learn.
  • Speak clearly in the language(s) that you speak fluently. You must speak in each language for which you have native or advanced (C2) proficiency. This demonstrates your language skill both for speaking with students and for teaching them.
  • Do not read directly from a script, but speak into the camera and to your students.
  • Do not provide personal contact information or advertise other services.
  • Do not shoot vertical video. Learn more

Videos that do not conform to the above guidelines will not be accepted.

What equipment I need to record a video:

Basic Smart Professional
You can create a video in minutes! Be sure that the video is steady and the sound is clear. Professional equipment is not required, but it does help!
Video: Built-in webcam

Audio: Built-in microphone

Video: Smartphone/Tablet camera

Audio: Separate microphone

Video: Professional Camera

Audio: Field recorder and windscreen

For detailed guidelines, examples, and instructions, please see the following FAQs

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