How do I keep my current students?

220ASPQB684-472Keeping students is just as important, if not more important, than finding new students. Your students sometimes need that extra push to continue learning, so make sure to try out these few tips below:

  • Immediate Follow-Up
    After your lesson has taken place (especially your first lesson), make sure to follow up with a note to your student. You can follow up with a summary of your lesson, recommendations on how to improve, or even a study plan that they should follow in order to progress.
    This follow-up is very easy to forget about but is crucial in order to maintain that relationship between you and your student, and to allow them to understand the next step for their learning.
  • Contact Past Students
    Send students (which may have not taken lessons for a long time) messages on italki about any news you may have (e.g. new courses you have launched on italki, new videos you have published)
  • Propose packages
    For students who are purchasing one lesson at a time, propose longer-term packages, so that you can provide a structured plan for them.
    Similarly, for trial students, at the end of your session, propose a package/course you could offer them to help them improve.
Check out our italki Teaching Tips for other ideas on keeping your students。