Gain Experience & Build Your Reputation



Build Your Language Teaching Reputation

One of the best things about teaching on italki is that you can build a great online teaching reputation.  The more that you teach on italki, the more experience you’ll accumulate.

On italki, everyone can view your verified online teaching experience as we display:

  • Teacher Starting Date
    Shows you how long you’ve been teaching on the italki platform.
  • Ratings & Reviews from Students
    Students can provide real feedback on how you taught.  Additionally, you can also respond with your own Feedback to their comments. The comments that you leave should be professionally worded and show off your expertise in the language as other potential students may see them.
  • # of Session Taught
  • # of Students Taught

Remember that feedback cannot be changed once it’s posted.

My Statistics

To help differentiate yourself beyond your Teacher Profile and Price, italki records your Statistics to help determine your online reputation.  Your Statistics is a snapshot of your online teaching history on italki.  Some key figures we include are: