Creating your Schedule and Courses Offered

After being accepted as a teacher on italki, you need to set your schedule and your course offerings. You can edit your schedule and course offerings at any time.


317ASP844-44608381At italki, you can teach as much or as little as you want.  Some teachers work exclusively online and have wide open schedules, others may have full time jobs and want to teach during their free time.  Still others may only want to teach a few hours a week.  The great thing about italki is that you fully control your schedule.

It’s important that you keep your schedule updated. Simply add the hours that you are available, and delete hours if you are no longer available. Students will schedule their lessons according to your available dates and times.

italki takes care of calculating time differences.  A student in another time zone who is viewing your schedule will see your schedule adjusted to his or her local time preferences (students can manage this in their profile settings).

For example, if you are a teacher in the United States and set your schedule so you are free in the evenings, a student living in China will see your schedule automatically adjusted for his time and will see your availability in the mornings.

Setting Your Time Schedule


On italki, you can teach whatever you think is best for your students. There are different types of courses:

  1. Professional Lessons – These are available for professional teaching profiles. You can create a course title and description. For these lessons, please prepare materials or plans for your students as necessary.
  2. Informal Tutoring- These are available for all teaching profiles. italki expects that these lessons will be more conversation-based and that the student will take a more active role. You may need to remind the student to tell you what they want to discuss.
  3. Trial Lessons – These are 30 minutes, and you can set them at a very low price to encourage students to try out your lessons. It is better for the teaching community as a whole if you do not offer free trial lessons, so italki requires that you charge at least 10 ITC.
  4. Instant Tutoring – This available for all teachers who have taught at least 5 lessons on italki already. Students can have a lesson with you without booking in advance. Read more about offering Instant Tutoring here.

FAQ: How do I Add or Edit My Courses?

Setting your Price

As a teacher on italki, you are able to set your own price for teaching a language. However, as a teacher in the italki marketplace, the price you set may be influenced by a variety of factors including:

  • Other Teacher’s Pricing
  • Your Professional Experience
  • Your Teaching Reputation

A good strategy for new teachers is to start off with a lower initial price. Many successful teachers have told us that it is worthwhile to lower your price to get an initial set of students and feedback/reviews. Most students are unwilling to pay relatively high prices for new teachers that do not have an established teaching record.  As you gain students, experience and a better reputation, you can (and should!) raise your prices. Many successful teachers on italki have used this strategy.

You can encourage your loyal students to buy packages (read about packages below) to get a lower average session price and raise the price of your individual sessions.  Just list the price of an individual sessions and the price of the entire package.  Our system will automatically handle the price of each session within a package.


Teachers can also offer packages for the courses they offer. A package is a group of sessions sold at a reduced price. There are benefits to both students and teachers for packages:

  • Benefits for Teachers – Guaranteed repeat sessions with the same student for a long period of time. Oftentimes a package arrangement allows teachers to arrange their teaching schedule ahead of time.
  • Benefits for Students – A savings on individual lesson prices. Students also have the benefit of booking long term lessons with a teacher that they they particularly like.

Lastly as packages are scheduled through italki, both the student and teacher are ensured that all the sessions in the package will take place. Students can only purchase a package if they have purchased the package with ITC. Teachers are obligated to deliver the individual sessions in the package via the italki appointment system. If teachers do not fulfill their package teaching duties, italki will refund ITC to the students.

Trial Sessions

Trial sessions were created to give teachers the opportunity to offer a shorter and cheaper rate introduction to potential paying students. Each teacher can decide whether or not to offer trial sessions. Trial sessions are 30 minutes, and are generally offered at a very reasonable rate.

Some teachers will teach a 30 minute class, whereas other teachers will use the time to get to the know the student and his or her goals.

The goal of trial sessions is to help a paying student find a suitable teacher for them.

Trial session requirements for students:

  • Students must have italki Credits (ITC) in their account to request a trial session.
  • Each student may only participate in a maximum of five trial sessions.
  • Students may only have 1 trial session per teacher.

These policies were introduced to reduce the number of students that are not serious about taking sessions.