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What italki Teachers are saying

Overall, I’ve had a great experience teaching on italki.  I’ve developed a great rapport with my current students and look forward to meeting more students from the italki community.

– Greg Moore (Teaches English) -

I’m so thankful I found italki and I’m happy to tell everyone I meet about it!  Even with my crazy hectic schedule, I hope that I can continue teaching children from all over the world on it.

– Margot (Teaches English) -

I find teaching online very convenient.  I have a very flexible schedule and prefer to work in the afternoon (I hate working in the mornings) so italki was great for me. I actually teach offline as well but I can fill up my schedule, even “unpopular” times, thanks to students from different time zones.

– Tatiana (Teaches Russian) -

Each person has his dreams, his ambitions and the teacher just has to give them a little hand to help them to achieve them. This is the reason why I love teaching my language and, thanks to Italki, I can do it even when I am at home, on holiday or abroad. The world is so small and fast that it would be stupid to waste time and not enjoy it to the hilt.

– Simone (Teaches Italian) -

(Lastly, whenever I get positive feedback from my students, I feel a great sense of accomplishment because I have really helped someone achieve their language goals.  This is probably the main reason why I choose to teach on italki.)

– Xiao Lei (Teaches Chinese) -

可以说,我在italki上的体验非常棒,既教日本学生波斯语,又结识了伊朗朋友……我想我会继续在italki上保持活跃度,它是个理想的学习和交流平台,可以分享交换各种语言和文化。Overall, my experiences with italki have been great, I’ve been able to share the Persian language with a Japanese girl and also meet many friends from Iran. I will keep on making use of the website as a meeting place and classroom to share and exchange languages with friends.

– Robin (Teaches Mandarin and Persian (Farsi)) -

italki のことを良く友達に話します。いろいろな人に会うことができ、他の言語を学ぶことが出来るからです。そして、italkiで世界中の友達を作ることができました。もっと早くitalkiを見つけたかったです。わたしは、みんなに言いたいです”italkiを試してみて!!” I like to tell all my friends about italki because I think it is a great way to meet other people and also learn another language. I’ve made so many friends from all over the world on italki. I wish I had discovered italki earlier. I want to say to all of the people. “Give italki a try!!”

– Sato (Teaches Japanese) -